Mid Week Motivation Distraction

Some weeks I want to be taken away …that’s when trailers come in.

This week I am drowning. And I’m in so deep nothing will pull me out. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculous in a few very short but stressful days. I don’t know which way is up. Even when I’m on the train/making tea/dinner/watering plants/drinking copious amounts of wine/staring outside I am not in the moment but am thinking of, or mentally doing, work. WORK WORK WORK. Sometimes it just takes over and there is nothing else for you to give.  I can’t read an article or engage in meaningful conversation. So I distract myself from the real world and watch trailers. Yes trailers. For as long as I can.

It’s really odd but sometimes I feel like you just need to disengage for a little bit. Rather than live in the moment you are taken away from that moment. And while I can’t go out and watch a full movie (I mean whose got time for that!) trailers make me smile or feel better about my current situation or maybe even motivate me to work a bit harder. In a very short space of time a lot of your senses are taken over and you are transported.  I feel like they take the harsh reality of my day away….at least until the next phone call/email/crisis.

Here’s a random selection for you to enjoy – I know its weird but just go with it. There are some goodies in here and then you can go back to panic mode…

image source: Fashion Editorials

Slow Sundays…

I really struggle to sit still and relax. I’m constantly on the move, planning, scheming, tidying (I tidy a lot, it’s so annoying) and generally faffing. I’ve been brought up to make the most of everyday so the idea of sitting and doing nothing is actually quite hard to deal with. Even now I’m blogging during each of the ad breaks in Sleepless in Seattle because watching TV during the day is ‘frivolous,’ or at least some antiquated voice in my head thinks so. On the one hand this obsession is very helpful because it means I tend to be quite productive, but on the other I can’t switch off. I’m restless…always restless…

Unless I’m on holiday and then I can sit still all day long. On the beach, in an airport or sitting in a cafe in Barcelona watching life happen without me in it. It’s like a switch goes off in my head and I’m happy anywhere doing anything. Or nothing. But I can’t be on holiday for the rest of my life (or at least until I win the lotto) so in the meantime the multi-tasking, tidying and general faffing will continue.

Here are the fruits of today’s insanity… x

image credits: they all hate us / pinterest / vogue

Beam Me Up Gucci

Gucci is the gift that just keeps on giving. One minute you think you are completely over their overpriced bee motif trainers  and ridiculous fur lined loafers, the next they pop up with something completely innovative and smile inducing and you’re back to being inexplicably hooked. It’s so annoying! They are a powerhouse, a squad, a clique. They are the cool kids of the playground who started wearing those tattoo necklaces before anyone else did (and stopped when everyone else started wearing them). And try as you might to resist it, deep down you know that you just want – no NEED – to be a part of it. It’s like Taylor Swift and her squad. On the surface everyone eyerolls her 4th of July parties and squad escapades but deep down they all wished they had thought of matching swimsuits and waterslides.

But I digress. My point is that Gucci is always ahead of the game. I thought they had re-established this with their Pre Fall disco video (see here) but actually they have just gone up a whole other level of out of this world cool.  Taking references from Star Wars, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Forbidden Planet the latest campaign is tongue in cheek while still beautifully shot with that expensively gorgeous, over-the-top styling that only Gucci can do. I mean for goodness sake how do you make aliens look stylish? Damnit they are cool!  Damnit I hate them! Damnit I want it all…



image and video credits: Dazed

Searching for Inspiration

Apologies for the break in transmission. I’ve had a bit of a busy period and I just couldn’t extend myself to produce any creative content. You could say I stepped into a little bit of a black hole during which time I didn’t engage with social media, accept invitations or phone calls and just generally took some time out.

I’m still not quite there but I slowly feel like I am waking up. Usually I find myself surrounded by inspiration – a stranger’s outfit, the way the light shines into a coffee shop, an old lady walking three pugs, cigarette dangling out her mouth. It could be anything or anyone. But lately I have felt a little bit blind to the world. This sounds like a terribly depressing thing to say but actually I think realising it is the first step of taking that pressure off yourself. I think we put ourselves under far too much daily pressure. Pressure to be someone, to look like someone, update the latest picture, be current, be in the know, have it all figured out. And quite frankly I think a lot of it is so superficial and unfulfilling and we race through life without taking any of it in. The idea of mindfulness or living in the moment isn’t new (and those colouring in books and mindfulness apps just annoy the crap out of me) but there is something to be said for putting the phone away and taking a step back. Work on getting some sleep, talking less, ignoring the flurry of Instagram envy inducing pictures and just sit or stand or walk. Don’t feel the need to give of yourself all the time.

Below is a bit of a mishmash of pictures that I’ve been crushing on recently. They don’t really relate or have a theme, but sometimes its just nice to look at pretty things. Enjoy x


image credits: theyallhateus / fashion editorials / pinterest

And Breathe…

Some days the world is just too much. Especially when you live in a crazy busy city like London. Your mind is constantly bombarded with new information – trains coming and going, people pushing past you, new languages (I actually think English is the least spoken language in London), smells, signs, advertising, the sound of conductors whistles, music, announcements, car horns, feet on the pavements – its a never ceasing hum which jolts us from the minute we wake up to the minute we get home. We are a wash with information and I don’t think we take enough stock of what this does to our bodies and minds. I often say that my heart beats faster in London and not because I want it to. So today’s inspiration aims to sooth the soul. Nothing jarring, nothing heart racing, just a break from the pulse of today.

Drift off…


image credits: oracle fox / Pinterest / they all hate us / fashion editorials /