Beam Me Up Gucci

Gucci is the gift that just keeps on giving. One minute you think you are completely over their overpriced bee motif trainers  and ridiculous fur lined loafers, the next they pop up with something completely innovative and smile inducing and you’re back to being inexplicably hooked. It’s so annoying! They are a powerhouse, a squad, a clique. They are the cool kids of the playground who started wearing those tattoo necklaces before anyone else did (and stopped when everyone else started wearing them). And try as you might to resist it, deep down you know that you just want – no NEED – to be a part of it. It’s like Taylor Swift and her squad. On the surface everyone eyerolls her 4th of July parties and squad escapades but deep down they all wished they had thought of matching swimsuits and waterslides.

But I digress. My point is that Gucci is always ahead of the game. I thought they had re-established this with their Pre Fall disco video (see here) but actually they have just gone up a whole other level of out of this world cool.  Taking references from Star Wars, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Forbidden Planet the latest campaign is tongue in cheek while still beautifully shot with that expensively gorgeous, over-the-top styling that only Gucci can do. I mean for goodness sake how do you make aliens look stylish? Damnit they are cool!  Damnit I hate them! Damnit I want it all…



image and video credits: Dazed

Cinema Saturday

A few films for that fnah feeling.

It’s such weird weather here in London today – do you keep your sunglasses on or take them off? Do you wear shorts or longs? Do you go out or stay in? You haven’t been paid, you don’t want to shop, you don’t want to stay in but it’s super easy to just lie on the couch and eat carrot cake from Gail’s. No? Just me then?

A good word for this mood is ‘fnah.’ Even the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do. Time to take it easy and fnah on the couch with these fnah films. Enjoy xx

A Full English Breakfast…the Chloe way…

Caroline de Maigret – The 10 Rules of being Parisian

Amy x Anna – The Job Swap

Film Fest Friday

It’s Friday. I’ve had a busy week and I needed some entertainment. So I took a coffee break and found some comic relief. These are thoroughly entertaining, enjoy…

Elle Fanning…Elle Fanning (hilarious)

Street Style meets David Attenborough – the best mockumentary ever…

Paris Hilton being Paris Hilton – complete LOLZ

If RiRi texted Anna this is how it would go…


films: / the scene / w magazine

lead image: hypebae