Mid Week Motivation

It’s about this time every week when we start losing the will to live. Take a break and enjoy my mid week motivation round up...

All Tied Up

Does it sound obvious to say expect the....expected? These days I feel like sometimes we play it a little safe. A little too black on black. The little black dress (firm case and point), an oversized white shirt tucked into a pair of slimfit jeans, a 'careless' trenchcoat, ballet pumps or a slouchy Breton knit. … Continue reading All Tied Up

The Little Green Dress

I am suffering from FOMO. In fact no I take that back. I'm not fearing missing out, I KNOW I'm missing out. And the sad thing is I only have myself to blame. Every now and again a piece makes the rounds of street style. Usually it's something I absolutely cannot afford. The Gucci T-shirt … Continue reading The Little Green Dress

Gingham Distractions

My sincerest apologies for the break in transmission. The excuse? The heat. I feel that I simply cannot waste an ounce of energy in it. And that includes typing. It's just too much effort. So instead I am going to distract you with Gingham. Because it's well...pretty distracting isn't it? From cutsy shirred strap tops … Continue reading Gingham Distractions

Basket Case

Unless you've been living under a seriously unfashionable rock you would have noticed the influx of basket bags into this summer's wardrobe. They are being worn everywhere - from poolside to dinner table and every outfit change in between. The trend started with the Cult Gaia bag Β and has now gone Jane Birkin crazy! The … Continue reading Basket Case

Who Runs the World?

Zara. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. The high street powerhouse that has just taken over. They nail it every single time. And it's not just the clothes, their brand as a whole ticks all the right boxesΒ - the stores, the ad campaigns, the models. It's just everything you need in your wardrobe and more. … Continue reading Who Runs the World?