Mid Week Motivation

Mid Week Motivation – gadgets, bloggers and Ikigai (the new Hygge but not). Get your fix…


We’ve had a bank holiday here in the UK (otherwise known as a public holiday to the rest of the world) so technically this isn’t really ‘midweek’, but I’m pretty excited about some of these finds so this post really can’t wait. Enjoy x

The Gadget: 


I’ve decided I hate ironing. You might say this is not a difficult decision to make, BUT having made this decision I also create a problem. And the solution to this problem (apart from my husband kindly ironing all my shirts for me for the rest of his life) is this very neat little gem. The Fridja f10. They are calling it the Rolls Royce of hand held steamers. I’ve just ordered mine so I can’t actually claim that it works brilliantly but if reviews are anything to go by Fridja is set to change our lives. And I’m talking reviews from fashion people who would ACTUALLY need to use it – like Vogue and In The Frow. Not QVC salespeople who continuously smile while talking (never trust a person who can hold a full teeth-baring smile while trying to sell you something, its not natural – they are hiding something, probably gas but still).

The major feature to call out on the little Fridja is the fact that you don’t need to travel with the water container. You simply use the water adapter to click in any suitable water bottle and steam like its nobody’s business. I also love that its called the Fridja. Sounds like a little Swedish gnome or magic elf. And while it won’t magically steam all your clothes for you without your help it does look set to make the job much easier. Oh and it comes in three delightful colours and a whole host of accessories like a foldable hanger. Pretty nifty if you ask me…

Purchase here > 

The Documentary:

Now if you haven’t heard anything about the new Alexander McQueen documentary you have been living under a very large, sound proof rock in the middle of the Gobi desert. The news of this is EVERYWHERE. If you knew his work and loved the enfant terrible of fashion go forth and drool as this is set to be the fashion documentary of the year. Or if you are a tween who thinks the house is just famous for designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress then PLEASE go educate yourself. The man was a genius and must be honoured.


The Blogger:


I haven’t found a good fashion blogger in a while. Obviously there is the holy grail of the blogging fashion world (some of my favs’ include: Garance Doré, Man Repeller, Song of Style and  Oracle Fox)

But my absolute favourite bloggers are the ones who mix high and low fashion (read £1million designer dress paired with £29 Zara Bag) and produce lovely content that covers travel, fashion and lifestyle in a concise, easy-to-read way. I need the beautiful pics but also want someone with a brain and a real sense of the fact that we don’t all earn never ending amounts of money. Monikh is one such blog. Yes she has the most insta-worthy life, yes she is beautiful, yes you will be annoyed and über jealous, but you will also find many beautiful and affordable things. I recently bought these cute little hair clips from Accessorize when I spotted them on her Instagram. I salute you Monikh, yours is a blog to envy.

Check out Monikh’s blog here >

The new, new Mindfulness…


So we’ve had feng shui, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sleeping apps, colouring-in books, knitting, bee keeping and hygge. Maybe if we change language, find a new word and create a whole other host of associated products and apps we will eventually find inner peace? Yes that must be the answer! So this week we look to Japan to solve all our first world problems.

The Japanese Ikigai is the opposite of Hygge in that instead of slowing down and focusing on scented candles and cups of cocoa, you strive forward to find a purpose in life. The word comes from two Japanese characters – iki meaning life and kai meaning the result of an action. The idea is to gain a sense of ‘flow’ in your life. You need to stop and notice times in your day when you are doing something that you are good at and enjoying it at the same time. And then you – oh who am I kidding, I’m bored already. If you want to find out more this is quite a helpful article.

This weekend I chose a rather more traditional approach to finding my inner peace  – I gardened. Yip, good old fashioned hands-in-the-dirt gardening. It’s not fancy or expensive. It doesn’t require the use of apps, journals or fancy pants accessories. You can do it indoors or outdoors, in pots or acres – whatever the space you have. But the sense of satisfaction you get from pulling a giant weed out of the ground or planting and watering a defenceless little petunia is priceless. There is something so primal about it. Getting your hands dirty and doing something that requires all your attention is rare these days. You simply can’t text while sprinkling compost (I’ve tried and failed). So get out there and plant some stuff. Its a great workout and you are also doing the environment a favour. Tick, tick and tick.


images: Fridja / Monikh / Fashion Editorials / Pinterest / Vogue


Ode to Zara

I mean I might as well set up a temple and start worshiping. In my eyes Zara nails it every, single time. Who are these people who rip off designers almost instantaneously (they have a 2 week turnaround time when other brands need 6 months),  shoot everything beautifully, have ridiculously good delivery options and their stores are generally well stocked and easy to shop (learn something here Mango!)? Oh and ps – they don’t waste money on advertising or dressing celebrities. Because, well why would you when you sit at #46 on the Forbes most valuable brand list at a casual $13 billion.

Also their owner literally looks like somebody’s sweet but slightly dilly uncle (check him out here). But don’t let those eyebrows fool you, at one point last year he was the richest man alive, beating Bill Gates’s casual $82 billion (probably because I spend so much money in there).

But lets get back to the clothes. The latest ‘Clean Lines’ story is a dream. It features the beautiful Cara Taylor, the girl who is making me want to chop all my hair off , because she rocks a bob like its nobody’s business. But I pretty much want EVERY SINGLE ITEM. There is such a good mix of nostalgic 80’s sport, Celine-inspired pieces (gotta love a bit of Celine) with the textures and lurex, plastic and and pvc that just need to find a place in your closet. Everything is perfectly paired, right down to the last mismatched earring. Go shop it now before I head into store and buy it all out…You have been warned…


shop the full collection here >

image credits: Zara



Mid Week Motivation

It’s about this time every week when we start losing the will to live. Take a break and enjoy my mid week motivation round up…

It’s about this time every week when we start losing the will to live. The weekend seems so far off and the gym now feels so hard to get to and those food prep lunches sooooo hard to prep. Generally we are drowning in the mid week dead zone. So I’m going to try do a weekly post to take out minds off the workload and onto fun things to do/watch/go to or generally get involved with.

If you have any suggestions please do send them to me. I always feel like half the joy of finding something exciting is sharing it with other people. So bring and come! Otherwise make a cup of herbal tea (oh who am I kidding – a coffee and a doughnut) take a break and enjoy this random selection…

Running in Heels Book Club


Now honey I don’t like book clubs. I never have. The fact that they are made out to be a female only institution where a group of women sit discussing the latest chick lit (Fifty Shades- vomit), while getting drunk on cheap wine, is something I desperately want to avoid for oh so many reasons (equality, hangovers, sanity – the list goes on).

Which is why I’m intrigued by Running in Heels – the latest, lifestyle forward subscription book service. Every month they deliver a lovely modern fiction paperback masterpiece (NOTE NO CHICK LIT) to your door for £12.50 including packaging (they also deliver to North America and Europe!). Now I can hear all the millenials rolling their eyes, thinking, “But I can download kindle books for £1.” Well the answer to that my friend is that this lovely company delivers a beautiful marbled box to your door every month, containing 1x paperback AND a selection of treats that can be enjoyed alongside aforementioned masterpiece. Think mini Diptique candles (sold), organic chocolate and beauty product testers which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home sans deadline.

And you can then cleverly log onto their site to leave reviews and comments when you’ve finished reading. So if you hate the book you will be happy to know that you have options.  You don’t have to finish it, just enjoy the added goodies and move on with life. And there’s something so self indulgent in gifting yourself with a monthly package. I’m calling it the perfect modern book club – ideal for that anti social woman who doesn’t have time to get drunk on cheap chardonnay and discuss two dimensional characters who she wished she hadn’t wasted her free Wednesday night reading about. Your are most welcome.

Check it out here >


Mozart in the Jungle


I was trolling through Amazon Prime recently and spotted this series which couldn’t be more random if you tried. A Spanish conductor who sees dead musicians and joins the New York Symphony Orchestra. That antics that ensue are odd and the plot line has more twists than a day on Trump’s Twitter feed, but the link to classical music is beautiful, the characters quirky and there are some thought provoking moments with brilliant one liners. Need more reasons to commit? Some of the episodes have been directed by Roman Coppola and lead actor Gabriel Garcia Berel has won a Golden Globe and rightly so, he’s brilliant.

Check it out now > 


That Wedding

So Megan married Harry and bells rung and the Queen wore lime and purple (seriously bold move), they had black people singing in Windsor Chapel (probably a first) and the British public will have nothing else to talk about for the next month apart from who wore what and the meaning behind that lip biting episode. The joy in events like these is the tongue-in-cheek criticism of the world’s beautiful, wealthy people. It’s jealousy disguised as hilarious sarcasm and no one does it better than Fashion Critical, a Facebook page commenting on who wore what at big celebrity studded events. The wedding commentary had me in stitches. Perfect for a Wednesday afternoon tea break.

Enjoy it here >


“I can’t leave the house Charlie, my mobile has run out of battery.”


Must leave house. Must have phone and purse. Damn, phone battery is dying. Don’t want to carry gigantic, phone charger which weighs more than an actual power plant in my bag. What to do, what to do? Enter Mighty Purse! A ridiculously named bag brand that features a range of wallets, purses and bags all housing a super useful in-built power charger (with mini adaptor for iphone). So you can now leave the house safe in the knowledge that your obsession with shooting photos of your food won’t mean that you then can’t order an Uber for the trip home. Stylish technology hack sorted.

Shop the collection here > 


Think Pink


Enough with the minimal tones. This summer pink is the new black. It’s time to commit head-to-toe. I’m talking pink suits. It’s THE thing and Sheer Luxe has done a really good round up. It’s exciting. I’m REALLY excited! I think I might have to do a separate post on pink…can you tell I’m excited?

Sheer Luxe pink suit round up >

image credits: running in heels / amazon / pinterest / style du monde

White Out

The breeziness that is all white…

I am a huge fan of white. I think it’s seriously underrated. Why wait to get married? Get involved now. White shirts, skirts and head-to-toe breathlessness. So clean, so fresh – so easily stained, but oh so dreamy…


shop the look….

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All Tied Up

Does it sound obvious to say expect the….expected? These days I feel like sometimes we play it a little safe. A little too black on black. The little black dress (firm case and point), an oversized white shirt tucked into a pair of slimfit jeans, a ‘careless’ trenchcoat, ballet pumps or a slouchy Breton knit. The problem with all of these is that yes they are chic, yes they are timeless and work within almost any context, but they are also completely predictable and BORING.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these items but not when you have veered into the realm of obvious. A little too done. Too put together. J Crew on steroids. The problem is that to blend in you are stripping the interest out of your outfit. You really have to style them up (think converse with a ballgown) or look like Kendall Jenner because let’s face it she’s so beautiful can reinvent a ballet pump.

Basically I’ve come to the realisation that these items are like a facelift – it can be subtle but you know she wasn’t ‘born with it’. They are closet staples and you need them to hide the fact that you couldn’t come up with anything more interesting to wear.

So why not go the extra mile? Sometimes a little more effort means exactly that – you are letting the world know that yes you have tried and oh look at that- you are OWNING it. You have moved beyond just ‘throwing something together.’ This doesn’t mean you need to spend millions or that you are leaving the house in a trend heavy ensemble that will be worn once and never revisited again. (I’m talking to you Platform Sneakers). It just means adding something into the mix that is unecessary but says that you care. That you are a little bolder, a little more interesting and a lot less cookie cutter than that Ralph Lauren stripe shirt paired with loafers and Michael Kors sunglasses.

Enter the neck tie. A subtle yet rather refined item. Draped or tied around the neck. Just so. Or so… Or any which way really, I don’t think it matters anymore. The fact of the matter is that you are confident enough to wear one. At any age. Not just for air hostesses or middle-aged Manhattan socialites, it’s making the rounds of the fashion conscious. A colourful piece of silk that catches eye as much as the light. Pair with basics, suits, shirts, or dresses it will work hard and earn its keep. And you don’t need the Hermès version to make this work. Bimba Y Lola, Massimo Dutti even Zara are offering affordable yet clever high street options. Subtle yet sophisticated. Get involved…


Go Shopping….

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The Little Green Dress

I am suffering from FOMO. In fact no I take that back. I’m not fearing missing out, I KNOW I’m missing out. And the sad thing is I only have myself to blame.

Every now and again a piece makes the rounds of street style. Usually it’s something I absolutely cannot afford. The Gucci T-shirt for example. Or the Gucci belt….actually come to think of it – anything Gucci. Or it’s something from Zara that everyone and their grandmother have but I debate buying it because, well, everyone has it and heaven forbid you arrive somewhere and there is a constant subconscious comparison. It’s not that I fear the comparison, but well why would you want to own something just because everyone has it? That was always my sister’s argument growing up – she refused to buy things from a certain popular store because she wanted to stand out and not desperately try to fit in.

But every now and again a little item comes to your attention on the street, in blogs, in magazines, or across your online shopping travels, and although not a major talking point, you notice it and decide you must remember to get it. But you forget. And then you happen to see it again and again you think to yourself, “I really need to get me one of those.”

This happens a few times until you finally sit down to do it and sorry for you – it’s gone! Sold out on the brand’s site, you can’t find it anywhere else, including ebay, Amazon and anywhere else potentially fraudulent. And so you get YKOMO (You Know You’re Missing Out) but there is not a damn thing you can do about it. So you must soldier on but nothing else comes close. You would have rocked it to all the weddings, parties, races and all other events you had on this summer. You would have styled it up, down and side ways but your closet will never know its happy glow. Because this is the one that got away. The one you must live without.

For me this current soulmate is the Ganni dalton wrap dress. If you don’t own it, see it and weep. Or if you can tell me where to get it you will have made my summer, if not my year….x


image credit: Pinterest

Gingham Distractions

My sincerest apologies for the break in transmission. The excuse? The heat. I feel that I simply cannot waste an ounce of energy in it. And that includes typing. It’s just too much effort.

So instead I am going to distract you with Gingham. Because it’s well…pretty distracting isn’t it? From cutsy shirred strap tops (completely work inappropriate) to full gigham-licious ensembles, this summer has gone Italian tablecloth mad. I recently bought this easy Zara ensemble which is work appropriate and makes me feel like I should be swaning around a Riviera of some kind (French, Italian, Cornish, I’m not picky).

I believe that London was not built to handle this weather and should just shut down. Surely in terms of health and safety it’s just too hot? Someone recently told me that cattle cannot be transported as the temperature is past safety standards. Well surely the tube counts as a cattle truck? Can we be held on a par with animals? I think so. But until government decides we can all stay at home in our plastic pools or crowd around the lido on Thursday instead of contributing to the economy we will have to make do with other distractions. Hence gingham! This trend is fun, frivolous and feel-good, all the f-words that are describing my current mood…okay maybe not all the f-words….

Enjoy the inspiration x


Feeling inspired? Get on board the gingham train with these fab buys…

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Dreaming of Sunshine…

& Other Stories has me reaching for my SPF even though the sun’s not shining.

Hello Monday! I trust everyone had a lovely weekend? Did you enjoy the sunshine if you got some? Apparently London was awash with vitamin D. Sadly I wouldn’t know because I was in the Lake District being rained on for 4 days straight. Such a lovely part of the world – just so green and lush and romantic. Think white washed cottages and fields of fluffy sheep. Magical rolling hills, quirky little towns and cosy pubs. But on second glance you realise why it’s so green – it rains non-stop. No not just a spot of drizzle and mist here and there. Solid sheets of rain. So much so that those cute fluffy sheep look a little suicidal. They just want some sunshine. But this weekend they did not get it. And neither did I. So when I saw the latest holiday edit from & Other Stories I nearly cried with longing. Take me away! Where you ask? Anywhere! As long as you can guarantee sunshine I am on board. If not I will just dream of swimsuits and St Tropez…

Here are my favourite pieces with some editorial and blogger inspiration alongside them to get you into the vaycay spirit…

Swimsuit £35
Basket Bag £65
red dress
Dress £69
Sunglasses £17
red suit
Bikini Top £19 Bottoms £19
white dress
Dress £69
Red stripe
Swimsuit £39

Shop the full & Other Stories vaycay collection here >



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Basket Case

Unless you’ve been living under a seriously unfashionable rock you would have noticed the influx of basket bags into this summer’s wardrobe. They are being worn everywhere – from poolside to dinner table and every outfit change in between. The trend started with the Cult Gaia bag  and has now gone Jane Birkin crazy!

The joy of this item is that they stand out from everything you wear so you commit to just one and rock it with everything. Shorts and downtime tee? Tick, Gingham dress? No problem. Tuxedo suit? Why yes my dear, go right ahead. And of course, as if some raffia and clever weaving wasn’t enough everyone has gone basket mad and added ridiculous details – pom poms, braided handles, tassels, leather straps. You name it, they’ve got it. I myself am a fan of the classic ( you can’t go wrong with a Provençal inspired version) but I will not judge the more over-the-top versions. The summer sun is making everyone a little delirious so go wild with your pom poms and ‘c’est la vie!’ motifs! I will say that they are perhaps a smidge impractical ( how much can you actually pack into a woven clutch?), probably a major flash in the summer pan but just oh-so-deliciously fun! Jump basket first onto the bandwagon, everyone else is…

Basket inspiration…

Go Shopping…

From left: Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4 / Image 5 / Image 6 / Image 7 / Image 8 / Image 9 / Image 10 / Image 11 / Image 12


For some serious basket envy check out

this page >


this page > 


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Who Runs the World?

Zara. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. The high street powerhouse that has just taken over. They nail it every single time. And it’s not just the clothes, their brand as a whole ticks all the right boxes – the stores, the ad campaigns, the models. It’s just everything you need in your wardrobe and more. Even Olivia Palermo, who seems to have all the designers on speed dial, wears it on repeat. And their latest Spring/Summer 16 collection is no exception. They are ticking off every single trend.

I was out in London on Saturday Night at the new Pergola on the Roof  (go visit when the sun shines, the deliriously happy mood is infectious) and I might as well have been at a Zara launch party. Every girl was rocking it. And I knew because I had just done a major online sweep of my favourite items. Now I know that wearing something everyone else is wearing is pretty passé but the pieces are so good you actually don’t care. You just have to have them. End of.

Here are some of my current favs…

Images: zara.com