The Danish Girl

I’m quite picky when it comes to models. I think most people in the fashion industry are. Beauty is such a subjective and tricky beast that you absolutely have to get the girl right. She is now sometimes more important the photographer as she tends to make a poor shoot look better (you could argue the reverse as well of course).

Yesterday a friend just couldn’t understand how I don’t find Cara Delevingne attractive. We were looking at her latest cover shoot for British GQ and while I was horrified, she on the other hand – completely entranced. I really just don’t get it. I’m sure Cara’s lovely, fun, a nice person, great to photograph, etc. etc. (or not) but she just doesn’t doesn’t tick my aesthetic boxes. At all. It’s the nose. And the fact that she has pulled too many of these faces.

The other issue is that we humans are the most fickle of creatures – the cherubic face that threw my art director into raptures yesterday, doesn’t get a second’s notice today. As the world turns ever faster and we are exposed to more and more images so our tastes shift and change within each day.

So its a rarity when a face stays with you. When a model is so beautiful no matter the pose, photographer, brand, look or mood she stands out and makes you love her that little bit more each time you see her.

One such face that does this for me is Frederikke Sofie. Danish, blonde and completely flawless I would shoot this beauty over and over again. She is in equal measure cool, quirky, ethereal, of the moment and timeless. And that hair! I’m having a major girl crush…


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Look of the Day

Nothing wrong with a lot of bling and branding…sometimes. Almost never..but in this case paired with black nails and an oversized shirt I am on board!

Badlands_Chanel1download (1)download (2)download

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White Out

The breeziness that is all white…

I am a huge fan of white. I think it’s seriously underrated. Why wait to get married? Get involved now. White shirts, skirts and head-to-toe breathlessness. So clean, so fresh – so easily stained, but oh so dreamy…


shop the look….

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Bows, Ruffles and Flower Crowns at Rodarte…

So while everyone is having a meltdown over whether Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior couture show was or was not original (Mr Gabbana is having a say) and also ogling Chanel’s latest over-the-top stage (they casually rebuilt the Eiffel tower in the Grand Palais) my eye was caught on the Rodarte sisters’ latest offering. Oh Wow!

I don’t know if it’s because we are in the 23 degree throes of summer or the fact that I have three weddings to attend but the chiffon and ruffles, bows and breathlessly beautiful flower crowns have taken over my daydreams. It’s nothing revolutionary but the detail and love that has clearly gone into each piece makes my heart sing! This is fairyland decadence on an epic scale. All princesses in waiting rejoice…


Check out the full show here > 

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All Tied Up

Does it sound obvious to say expect the….expected? These days I feel like sometimes we play it a little safe. A little too black on black. The little black dress (firm case and point), an oversized white shirt tucked into a pair of slimfit jeans, a ‘careless’ trenchcoat, ballet pumps or a slouchy Breton knit. The problem with all of these is that yes they are chic, yes they are timeless and work within almost any context, but they are also completely predictable and BORING.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these items but not when you have veered into the realm of obvious. A little too done. Too put together. J Crew on steroids. The problem is that to blend in you are stripping the interest out of your outfit. You really have to style them up (think converse with a ballgown) or look like Kendall Jenner because let’s face it she’s so beautiful can reinvent a ballet pump.

Basically I’ve come to the realisation that these items are like a facelift – it can be subtle but you know she wasn’t ‘born with it’. They are closet staples and you need them to hide the fact that you couldn’t come up with anything more interesting to wear.

So why not go the extra mile? Sometimes a little more effort means exactly that – you are letting the world know that yes you have tried and oh look at that- you are OWNING it. You have moved beyond just ‘throwing something together.’ This doesn’t mean you need to spend millions or that you are leaving the house in a trend heavy ensemble that will be worn once and never revisited again. (I’m talking to you Platform Sneakers). It just means adding something into the mix that is unecessary but says that you care. That you are a little bolder, a little more interesting and a lot less cookie cutter than that Ralph Lauren stripe shirt paired with loafers and Michael Kors sunglasses.

Enter the neck tie. A subtle yet rather refined item. Draped or tied around the neck. Just so. Or so… Or any which way really, I don’t think it matters anymore. The fact of the matter is that you are confident enough to wear one. At any age. Not just for air hostesses or middle-aged Manhattan socialites, it’s making the rounds of the fashion conscious. A colourful piece of silk that catches eye as much as the light. Pair with basics, suits, shirts, or dresses it will work hard and earn its keep. And you don’t need the Hermès version to make this work. Bimba Y Lola, Massimo Dutti even Zara are offering affordable yet clever high street options. Subtle yet sophisticated. Get involved…


Go Shopping….

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Vogue Paris VAYCAY

I love it when fashion takes off on a little tangent. Like when two girls are frolicking on the beach in tulle skirts and pearls, just happily getting designer clothes wet and sandy all in the name of a mood. Enjoy this dreamy shoot by Cass Bird…J’adore!










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The Little Green Dress

I am suffering from FOMO. In fact no I take that back. I’m not fearing missing out, I KNOW I’m missing out. And the sad thing is I only have myself to blame.

Every now and again a piece makes the rounds of street style. Usually it’s something I absolutely cannot afford. The Gucci T-shirt for example. Or the Gucci belt….actually come to think of it – anything Gucci. Or it’s something from Zara that everyone and their grandmother have but I debate buying it because, well, everyone has it and heaven forbid you arrive somewhere and there is a constant subconscious comparison. It’s not that I fear the comparison, but well why would you want to own something just because everyone has it? That was always my sister’s argument growing up – she refused to buy things from a certain popular store because she wanted to stand out and not desperately try to fit in.

But every now and again a little item comes to your attention on the street, in blogs, in magazines, or across your online shopping travels, and although not a major talking point, you notice it and decide you must remember to get it. But you forget. And then you happen to see it again and again you think to yourself, “I really need to get me one of those.”

This happens a few times until you finally sit down to do it and sorry for you – it’s gone! Sold out on the brand’s site, you can’t find it anywhere else, including ebay, Amazon and anywhere else potentially fraudulent. And so you get YKOMO (You Know You’re Missing Out) but there is not a damn thing you can do about it. So you must soldier on but nothing else comes close. You would have rocked it to all the weddings, parties, races and all other events you had on this summer. You would have styled it up, down and side ways but your closet will never know its happy glow. Because this is the one that got away. The one you must live without.

For me this current soulmate is the Ganni dalton wrap dress. If you don’t own it, see it and weep. Or if you can tell me where to get it you will have made my summer, if not my year….x


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Moody Sundays…

A visual feast for a moody sunday…

I woke up ridiculously early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so have just been scrolling around the interweb and found some lustful images to inspire on a moody Sunday…

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Cinema Saturday

A few films for that fnah feeling.

It’s such weird weather here in London today – do you keep your sunglasses on or take them off? Do you wear shorts or longs? Do you go out or stay in? You haven’t been paid, you don’t want to shop, you don’t want to stay in but it’s super easy to just lie on the couch and eat carrot cake from Gail’s. No? Just me then?

A good word for this mood is ‘fnah.’ Even the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do. Time to take it easy and fnah on the couch with these fnah films. Enjoy xx

A Full English Breakfast…the Chloe way…

Caroline de Maigret – The 10 Rules of being Parisian

Amy x Anna – The Job Swap

Gingham Distractions

My sincerest apologies for the break in transmission. The excuse? The heat. I feel that I simply cannot waste an ounce of energy in it. And that includes typing. It’s just too much effort.

So instead I am going to distract you with Gingham. Because it’s well…pretty distracting isn’t it? From cutsy shirred strap tops (completely work inappropriate) to full gigham-licious ensembles, this summer has gone Italian tablecloth mad. I recently bought this easy Zara ensemble which is work appropriate and makes me feel like I should be swaning around a Riviera of some kind (French, Italian, Cornish, I’m not picky).

I believe that London was not built to handle this weather and should just shut down. Surely in terms of health and safety it’s just too hot? Someone recently told me that cattle cannot be transported as the temperature is past safety standards. Well surely the tube counts as a cattle truck? Can we be held on a par with animals? I think so. But until government decides we can all stay at home in our plastic pools or crowd around the lido on Thursday instead of contributing to the economy we will have to make do with other distractions. Hence gingham! This trend is fun, frivolous and feel-good, all the f-words that are describing my current mood…okay maybe not all the f-words….

Enjoy the inspiration x


Feeling inspired? Get on board the gingham train with these fab buys…

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