I moved to London about 6 years ago from a very sunny, very different South Africa. The dream was to pursue work in the publishing industry. If I’m totally honest, the dream was actually – ‘work for British Vogue or go home’. Everyone thought I was nuts so I’m pretty pleased to report that since moving here I have managed to achieve that very dream as a creative producer for GLAMOUR, GQ and the holy grail – Vogue. Next stop world domination… not quite sure in what form as yet, but you’ve got to dream right?

I am now a freelance creative producer and writer and while I’m pretty busy day-to-day, I’ve also always wanted to keep up a space where I can express my passions, frustrations and inspirations.Β London & Other Stories is my blank canvas to do just that. You will find a mix of fashion inspiration, ramblings, recommendations and travel. I’m hoping to start adding my imagery into the mix but that’s a bit of a way off (i.e. I’m a perfectionist and my photos are just not good enough just yet!). In the meantime I hope you like my mix and please do leave comments, questions and requests. I like knowing that I am not sending this out into the universe where it just disappears without a trace…

Thank you for visiting


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