Work Work Work Work Work Work…

It’s high summer – everyone’s talking summer holidays and train disruptions (a hazard of European living). But I am have just started a new job and so my head is firmly in the working world and the wardrobe that goes with it.

I often feel quite sorry for a lot of my friends who work in very corporate environments and are therefore limited to exceptionally conservative, corporate pencil skirts and shift dresses. At this point I would just like to state for the record that there is nothing worse than a square neck pencil dress – nothing, not even harem pants and songs by Fifth Harmony.

The joy of working in a creative industry is that you get to embrace that creativity in what you wear everyday. Some people take it to the extreme (I really don’t want to be calling a meeting for you, me and your belly button thank you very much) and most are quite casual about it (that levis jeans+button down shirt uniform looks chic and does the job). But some – and we’ll call these the birds of paradise of the working world – just BRING IT. Every day is about a mood. An effort has clearly been made and I appreciate that. I love it! I yearn to replicate it and sometimes I succeed and sometimes a topknot and a bomber jacket will just have to do because I do not have the time or brain space to think of anything else. But for the moment all I can think of is taking work, and therefore by extension my wardrobe, by the horns and committing to it. Wearing clothes that will instil in me a feeling of power and success and an inner strength that hopefully will translate into the work I do. It’s a nod of understanding to the 80’s. I’m thinking pinstripes and oversized shapes, men’s trousers and white shirts, neutral colours but interesting silhouettes. It’s all about power dressing in a smart and feel good way. I know we’re all floral dresses and basket bags at the moment, but this look is worth dreaming about. It’s a woman owning it in a man’s world. So while you are enjoying your bikinis or festival frolicks, think of me, dreaming away in an office somewhere…

image credits: Style Du Monde / Who What Wear / Sylvie Mus / Badlands / Oracle Fox / Vogue

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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