Searching for Inspiration

Apologies for the break in transmission. I’ve had a bit of a busy period and I just couldn’t extend myself to produce any creative content. You could say I stepped into a little bit of a black hole during which time I didn’t engage with social media, accept invitations or phone calls and just generally took some time out.

I’m still not quite there but I slowly feel like I am waking up. Usually I find myself surrounded by inspiration – a stranger’s outfit, the way the light shines into a coffee shop, an old lady walking three pugs, cigarette dangling out her mouth. It could be anything or anyone. But lately I have felt a little bit blind to the world. This sounds like a terribly depressing thing to say but actually I think realising it is the first step of taking that pressure off yourself. I think we put ourselves under far too much daily pressure. Pressure to be someone, to look like someone, update the latest picture, be current, be in the know, have it all figured out. And quite frankly I think a lot of it is so superficial and unfulfilling and we race through life without taking any of it in. The idea of mindfulness or living in the moment isn’t new (and those colouring in books and mindfulness apps just annoy the crap out of me) but there is something to be said for putting the phone away and taking a step back. Work on getting some sleep, talking less, ignoring the flurry of Instagram envy inducing pictures and just sit or stand or walk. Don’t feel the need to give of yourself all the time.

Below is a bit of a mishmash of pictures that I’ve been crushing on recently. They don’t really relate or have a theme, but sometimes its just nice to look at pretty things. Enjoy x


image credits: theyallhateus / fashion editorials / pinterest

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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