And Breathe…

Some days the world is just too much. Especially when you live in a crazy busy city like London. Your mind is constantly bombarded with new information – trains coming and going, people pushing past you, new languages (I actually think English is the least spoken language in London), smells, signs, advertising, the sound of conductors whistles, music, announcements, car horns, feet on the pavements – its a never ceasing hum which jolts us from the minute we wake up to the minute we get home. We are a wash with information and I don’t think we take enough stock of what this does to our bodies and minds. I often say that my heart beats faster in London and not because I want it to. So today’s inspiration aims to sooth the soul. Nothing jarring, nothing heart racing, just a break from the pulse of today.

Drift off…


image credits: oracle fox / Pinterest / they all hate us / fashion editorials /








Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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