All Tied Up

Does it sound obvious to say expect the….expected? These days I feel like sometimes we play it a little safe. A little too black on black. The little black dress (firm case and point), an oversized white shirt tucked into a pair of slimfit jeans, a ‘careless’ trenchcoat, ballet pumps or a slouchy Breton knit. The problem with all of these is that yes they are chic, yes they are timeless and work within almost any context, but they are also completely predictable and BORING.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these items but not when you have veered into the realm of obvious. A little too done. Too put together. J Crew on steroids. The problem is that to blend in you are stripping the interest out of your outfit. You really have to style them up (think converse with a ballgown) or look like Kendall Jenner because let’s face it she’s so beautiful can reinvent a ballet pump.

Basically I’ve come to the realisation that these items are like a facelift – it can be subtle but you know she wasn’t ‘born with it’. They are closet staples and you need them to hide the fact that you couldn’t come up with anything more interesting to wear.

So why not go the extra mile? Sometimes a little more effort means exactly that – you are letting the world know that yes you have tried and oh look at that- you are OWNING it. You have moved beyond just ‘throwing something together.’ This doesn’t mean you need to spend millions or that you are leaving the house in a trend heavy ensemble that will be worn once and never revisited again. (I’m talking to you Platform Sneakers). It just means adding something into the mix that is unecessary but says that you care. That you are a little bolder, a little more interesting and a lot less cookie cutter than that Ralph Lauren stripe shirt paired with loafers and Michael Kors sunglasses.

Enter the neck tie. A subtle yet rather refined item. Draped or tied around the neck. Just so. Or so… Or any which way really, I don’t think it matters anymore. The fact of the matter is that you are confident enough to wear one. At any age. Not just for air hostesses or middle-aged Manhattan socialites, it’s making the rounds of the fashion conscious. A colourful piece of silk that catches eye as much as the light. Pair with basics, suits, shirts, or dresses it will work hard and earn its keep. And you don’t need the Hermès version to make this work. Bimba Y Lola, Massimo Dutti even Zara are offering affordable yet clever high street options. Subtle yet sophisticated. Get involved…


Go Shopping….

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image credits: style du mond / pinterest / stylecaster / man repeller / the trend spotter / fashion gum / whitney’s wonderland

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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