The Little Green Dress

I am suffering from FOMO. In fact no I take that back. I’m not fearing missing out, I KNOW I’m missing out. And the sad thing is I only have myself to blame.

Every now and again a piece makes the rounds of street style. Usually it’s something I absolutely cannot afford. The Gucci T-shirt for example. Or the Gucci belt….actually come to think of it – anything Gucci. Or it’s something from Zara that everyone and their grandmother have but I debate buying it because, well, everyone has it and heaven forbid you arrive somewhere and there is a constant subconscious comparison. It’s not that I fear the comparison, but well why would you want to own something just because everyone has it? That was always my sister’s argument growing up – she refused to buy things from a certain popular store because she wanted to stand out and not desperately try to fit in.

But every now and again a little item comes to your attention on the street, in blogs, in magazines, or across your online shopping travels, and although not a major talking point, you notice it and decide you must remember to get it. But you forget. And then you happen to see it again and again you think to yourself, “I really need to get me one of those.”

This happens a few times until you finally sit down to do it and sorry for you – it’s gone! Sold out on the brand’s site, you can’t find it anywhere else, including ebay, Amazon and anywhere else potentially fraudulent. And so you get YKOMO (You Know You’re Missing Out) but there is not a damn thing you can do about it. So you must soldier on but nothing else comes close. You would have rocked it to all the weddings, parties, races and all other events you had on this summer. You would have styled it up, down and side ways but your closet will never know its happy glow. Because this is the one that got away. The one you must live without.

For me this current soulmate is the Ganni dalton wrap dress. If you don’t own it, see it and weep. Or if you can tell me where to get it you will have made my summer, if not my year….x


image credit: Pinterest

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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