Brown is making a major comeback.

Go forth and paint the town….errr brown!

Brown. It’s now a thing. Who knew? From Melanie Trump to trendy streetstyle aficionados, brown is the colour du jour. Perhaps it’s a response to the 70’s nostalgia trend that everyone’s been feeling? Or maybe it reflects society’s general mood of the day. Terror attacks, buildings burning to the ground, Landslides in Bangladesh, fires raging in South Africa, Government uncertainty, Brexit, Trump etc. etc. We’re just not in the mood for bold and bright are we?

One thing I do know is that it’s looking quite fresh (never a word that should be used in the same sentence as brown but here we are). From oyster tones to 80’s check or a burnt coppery shimmer in-between, the key to this look is commitment. If you are going to do it – go hard. Head-to-toe or a statement piece with mega detail. Layering works well, definitely try texture or a classic brown suit. Who knew I would go mad for a brown suit? Do beware dear reader of taking it too far – I would draw the line at corduroy. Nobody wants to look like they are heading to a Jimmi Hendrix revival concert. Get it right though and you look oh-so-clever. So chic. So bold in the most subtle of tones. So here’s a bit of inspo for you on a Friday. Go forth and paint the town…errr….brown!



image credits: / pinterest / style du mond / oracle fox / the fashion medley / disney roller girl /

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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