Basket Case

Unless you’ve been living under a seriously unfashionable rock you would have noticed the influx of basket bags into this summer’s wardrobe. They are being worn everywhere – from poolside to dinner table and every outfit change in between. The trend started with the Cult Gaia bag  and has now gone Jane Birkin crazy!

The joy of this item is that they stand out from everything you wear so you commit to just one and rock it with everything. Shorts and downtime tee? Tick, Gingham dress? No problem. Tuxedo suit? Why yes my dear, go right ahead. And of course, as if some raffia and clever weaving wasn’t enough everyone has gone basket mad and added ridiculous details – pom poms, braided handles, tassels, leather straps. You name it, they’ve got it. I myself am a fan of the classic ( you can’t go wrong with a Provençal inspired version) but I will not judge the more over-the-top versions. The summer sun is making everyone a little delirious so go wild with your pom poms and ‘c’est la vie!’ motifs! I will say that they are perhaps a smidge impractical ( how much can you actually pack into a woven clutch?), probably a major flash in the summer pan but just oh-so-deliciously fun! Jump basket first onto the bandwagon, everyone else is…

Basket inspiration…

Go Shopping…

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Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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