Who Runs the World?

Zara. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. The high street powerhouse that has just taken over. They nail it every single time. And it’s not just the clothes, their brand as a whole ticks all the right boxes – the stores, the ad campaigns, the models. It’s just everything you need in your wardrobe and more. Even Olivia Palermo, who seems to have all the designers on speed dial, wears it on repeat. And their latest Spring/Summer 16 collection is no exception. They are ticking off every single trend.

I was out in London on Saturday Night at the new Pergola on the Roof  (go visit when the sun shines, the deliriously happy mood is infectious) and I might as well have been at a Zara launch party. Every girl was rocking it. And I knew because I had just done a major online sweep of my favourite items. Now I know that wearing something everyone else is wearing is pretty passé but the pieces are so good you actually don’t care. You just have to have them. End of.

Here are some of my current favs…

Images: zara.com


Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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