The Stripe

This summer is my season! Stripes stripes and more stripes. I am a stripeaholic…dresses, shirts, tops, you name it I’m there, striping it up! It started with Bridget Bardot and never left our wardrobes. But now we have moved well past the humble breton top. As if the stripe wasn’t exciting enough, fashion has now added a ruffle here, an oversized cuff there, a button or two more and in some case a button or two less to show a off a bit of sunkissed skin. Go head-to-toe or pair with good old denim. You name it the stripe has had a revamp. Not that it needed it, but oh my how I like it…

Here’s some linear inspo to get you into the summer mood…

image credits: glamour paris / zara / pinterest / they all hate us / harper and harley / shalice noel / weekend in vienna /

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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