Confession time – I was never a fan of the younger Hadid sister. Gigi was always my favourite and when Bella arrived on the scene I thought “Here she is, piggybacking on her sister’s success and failing, eye roll.” And then that Cannes dress happened (Shock!) and the world woke up to Hadid 2.0. This was followed by a slew of very out there outfits (hello Dior nipple saga), a Victoria Secret runway moment with ex-boyfriend The Weekend (miaow!) and campaign after campaign, runway after runway and now the girl is holding her own. And growing on me. Let’s face it that… errrr- face definitely did not just ‘happen’. There was some work involved. And my French friend Lucile finds her ‘moche’, the French word for ‘bleh’. Which is always a concern to me because say what you like about the French, they know classy and stylish when they see it.

But then Miss Bella arrived on the 2017 Cannes red carpet looking radiant and serene and quite frankly like a million dollars. I have since loved most of the on- and off-duty looks she’s put out there (the thigh high slit could be turned down just a tad, but maybe I’m showing my age here). There’s a feline quality to her eyes that makes her stand out in most shots. I’ll admit she can sometimes come across a little comatose but apparently that’s just shyness. Well whatever it is, when she switches it on the girl definitely does have something. Exhibit A – these shots from her Mr Porter Summer shoot. Simply lovely…


Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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