Safari Sound Off

I recently appeared on a podcast with The Safari Store to discuss Safari and fashion as art. Have a listen…



Fashion has always taken inspiration from the idea of Safari. Whether it’s Africa, the Mid West, the Amazon or the Arctic – we love to explore. There’s a romance, a nostalgia, and we buy in time and time again.
Place a model in an exotic location, She’s amazonian; staring off moodily into the horizon with bronzed chiseled cheeks and flowing hair. Stoic and beautiful, she is strong and majestic, silent and all-knowing. Oh for a second to be that woman. To have no ties to work, bills, kids, problems or the monotony of everyday. To explore. To just be free. It’s a sunset moment, a fantasy that we love to create and hold on to. Think of The English Patient, Out of Africa, Passage to India, Last of the Mohicans, the list goes on. And designers have taken hold of this idea and not let it go. From YSL’s iconic safari jacket (worn above by Verushka) to Ralph’s Lauren’s constantly re-emerging theme of outdoor khaki, leather, cotton and suede, it’s a uniform that we come back to without fail. And lets not even get into animal-print because that is a whole other discussion that could go on for days (it’s safe to say that animal print will live in the fashion world forever). Fact is we’re revisiting the khaki trend again this summer and if you haven’t yet, its time to get on board.


Get your safari fix…
I recently had the privilege of discussing this Safari theme within the context of Fashion as Art with the lovely Claire Fraser from The Safari Store. Safari is the name of their game (obviously) and was very much their inspiration for the Selous Satchel, a bag with interchangeable flaps that can easily take you from African to urban safari in the blink of an eye.

For some high street safari inspiration…

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images credits: vogue / pinterest / 2bmanagement / fefashioneditorials

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