Rainy Days


I woke up completely confused this morning. It was early – far too early to attempt waking up. I could sense that grey dawn light that isn’t so much daylight, but more the thought of the start of another day. And I could hear a steady hum. A constant, heavy tap. It took me a minute to realise that this was heavy rain. Like an African rain. A downpour. Something that doesn’t really happen in London all that often.

Everyone thinks because England is such a wet place (it’s called Mud Island for a reason), Londoners are used to heavy, monsoon-esque rain. Well we aren’t. Here the norm is miserable drizzle – a ‘mizzle’ if you will. A constant influx of water keeping the royal parks looks royal but also rather unkindly ruining blow dries and suede shoes.

Anyway the point of this article is not to bore you with a weather report. The point dear reader is to find a silver lining. And today’s silver lining is the glorious trench coat. Where there is an obstacle, there is also ALWAYS a fashion opportunity.

And in this case I have to gloat a little. For I am one of those people who never finds anything in vintage stores (bear with me it does relate to rain). Some people will go through a second-hand store and easily come across a pair of Vuitton boots or a vintage Hermes scarf without even trying. I am not one of them. I try, I really do. I go to the ‘exclusive’ charity shops (Chelsea, Islington, South Kensington, Fuham and Wimbledon Village), I go early and I try desperately to hunt down a bargain Chanel clutch or Missoni dress, but these treasures are forever an elusive dream….until last week!

I stumbled into a vintage store in central London (after yet another trip to Mango) where I found…wait for it… a Ralph Lauren trench coat. Heavy and waterproof and beautifully authentic with a corduroy collar, double button front, brass hardware and a tartan lining. It is the Sherlock Holmes of trench coats, the Humphrey Bogart of cool, the Audrey Hepburn of wrap-and-tie style and I feel oh-so-effortless in it.

A trench coat is one of those pieces that you think you don’t need but then when you do have it, you can’t image life without it. It’s classic and romantic, feminine and sporty, masculine but sexy. So I am beyond excited.I am thrilled. I sling it on so casually, yet I am bursting with pride at my find. But I must remain cool – Humphrey wouldn’t have it any other way.

So in honour of my purchase please find your trench-spiration below. I hope it inspires you to hunt down the perfect one. It’s something that you will wear forever…at least whenever it rains… x


Best High Street Buys…


editorial images: vogue.co.uk / getty / pinterest / harpers bazaar / they all hate us / the sartorialist / pandora sykes /

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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