Salty Hair, Don’t Care


I never ‘got’ Mango. In my mind the Spanish retailer was always Zara’s poor little sister. Trying so hard to copy, but never getting it right. The stores were sad, the clothes a little expensive and where were those elusive pieces that Kate Moss seemed to rock at Glastonbury every year?

Well this season I am definitely eating my words. Who knew they would turn out to be what Cara was to Poppy, the Lottie to Kate. Infinitely fresher and much more interesting (sorry Kate!). For the last year I feel like the brand has really woken up and brought us bolder, better and a much trendier offering. Last week I stepped into one of those over-lit and under air-conditioned stores (they are sadly still quite…sad) and came face to face with the most delicious summer collection. St Tropez inspired jumpsuits, floaty off-the-shoulder crop tops, drapey 100% linen trousers and gorgeous Bridget Bardot gingham dresses. Everything a girl could want in her holiday wardrobe and more.

Inspired, I headed to their site and said HELLO to a beachwear shoot that, while veering slightly into the world of commercial swimwear, makes me want to head to Cornwall with my girlfriends, build a bonfire and strut around in broderie anglaise and crochet – just because I’m spoilt for choice. The models look natural (even while casually kissing each other underwater) and the location is exotic without the viewer feeling like they could never make it there. I’m in love. Thank you Mango for bringing summer to the yard. Now if you could just sort out those stores…

Shop Mango’s new beachwear collection here




Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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