Sale Season

‘Tis the season to spend! Summer sales are heeeeeeeeeere! 

image: zara
image: zara

Now I am terrible enough as it is (and it doesn’t help that I work within card swiping distance of Oxford Circus) but add a red SALE sign into the mix and I’m impossible. Especially when it comes to Zara. I was in there the other day and they started lining all the rails up – you know how they do it… My nose started twitching – it was coming! I could feel it in my bones… But of course no one will tell you when exactly (i.e. so you can’t sit up late at night with your fingers over the ‘buy now’ button like you do for the H&M designer sales, shhhhh don’t tell anyone).

And then one morning you wake up and your friend – who is always a little ahead of you (we all have one) – has messaged you squealing over the suede boots she’s just bought and you leap out of bed because you are being left behind! And  the world is in a frenzy. Yes- the WORLD. All of a sudden that leather dress for £69.99 seems a steal at £59.99 and before you know it you’ve bought more than you can carry. You haven’t tried a thing on (have you seen those queues to the change rooms which are full of dust and curtains that don’t close no matter how much you tug) and bought sizes that in your heart you know you won’t fit in, but it was the last one and you just never know. And then you end up taking half of it back and you think, “Actually I haven’t spend that much money,” but you have because you just exchanged all those items for other items without actually taking anything back!

So you think to yourself – I am never going to do that again, I”m going to cut down and have a simple, 21 item capsule wardrobe……………………………….

….and then you see them lining all the rails up.

Author: Maja Havemann

I'm a freelance producer and writer living in London.

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